The entrance of His word brings light

The entrance of His word brings light

Monday, December 28, 2009

Diary note - South America 12/09/04

Today we walked up the road to film and as dad was telling me about the house we use to live in before migrating to Australia, a woman walking behind us yelled out " thats where I live would you like to look inside"? we were amazed at the 'coincidence' and we actually went inside the house I lived in from birth - 4 years !!

In the afternoon we went to my nieces school at "LA TEJA" and filmed there as it was open day, this was an awesome experience for me to listen to primary education in the spanish language.

The poverty here overwhelms me!
At LA TEJA Cousin 1 lives next door to Cousin 2 and they dont talk! So sad, so sad, so sad, I cant find the words .... besides this I feel very unsafe !
I brought this to God in prayer and recieved Psalm 91 v 4 which says " because I hold fast to God in love God will deliver me! He will protect me because I know His name - (16) with LONG life will he satisfy me and show me HIS salvation"

God showed me that He has saved me in more ways than one - All I can say of this poverty is :
There for the grace of God go I !!

On that same note - My husband was tens of thousands of miles away ( I tavelled with my much older parents) there was no Australian embassy , my spanish was so bad, I was in the middle of a slum and people were being killed for $100. This is what it feels like to have nothing but God! I felt at that moment that God was so small in my life , not because He IS small but because I realized how much I have to decrease !!

I had a revelation of how much I needed material things to prop me up! - I also had the realization that there wasnt a thing at that moment that I could do to change that!

I was so embarassed to call myself a Chaplain or even a christian !

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