The entrance of His word brings light

The entrance of His word brings light

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Current Journey in the light

I believe God is taking me on a journey into an area where I can reach the unchurched.. I found a webpage that is assisting me called Community of Hope I have also been reading a book called "Beyond Prediction, The Tarot and your Spirituality" I work with many new agers and I desire to be a witness to them by 'being all things to all men' I have just finished a 6 year Chaplaincy in a local College and I am now I have found myself working in a feminist organization as a support worker for women in crisis. I see many women with mental health issues, domestic violence victims, drug and alcohol users and women at risk of homelesness. I have discovered that many women thank the "universe" for divine intevrention in their lives and am only just learning about a spirituality that exists in the secular world that I was only vaguely aware of up until now. I recently attended a " spiritual retreat" held by my workplace which astounded me. Two women, one an ex catholic nun and one still a nun held a three day workshop on inner healing and connecting with "love" that they originally put together within a Christian content. They have secularised it for the world and organizations like the one I work for utilize their services. Although I could connect the dots athere was no mention of God or Jesus. I believe that its one thing to learn the tarot or use other pagan rituals to evangelize and glorify God but to havebeen given a healing tool and allow people to believe that it was whichever god they choose who healed them is another ... "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of salvation unto those that believe " Romans 1 v 16

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